Redemption Mud Wiki

From deep beneath the dragon sea, the Marid have emerged with stories told of horrific destruction, their precious coral cities destroyed by an unknown evil. And so, unseen on the surface of Terra and Dominia for hundreds of years, the Marid are attempting to salvage what is left of their civilization and find a role in the societies of the land dwellers. As scattered refugees, the Marid are still few in number, but more emerge from the sea every week, drawing stares wherever they go.

Marid could almost pass themselves off as human, but for their odd coloration. Marid features include pale white, fish colored skin and hair ranging in color from deep sea blue to seaweed green. Their eyes are double lidded but look otherwise humanoid. Their ears are long and pointed, similar to elves, but even larger to help them detect changes in water pressure. Marid are generally thin, and rarely exceed 5 feet in height. They are considered small size, and despite their lives spent beneath the waves they do not have fins, a tail, or gills. 

Marid are highly magical creatures, attuned the elements that form the world, and make powerful magic users. Despite their frail appearance, their nature makes them largely resistant to damage and they tend to have high hit points for their class. All marids are especially skilled in elemental magic and their magical essence causes any elemental magic to have additional effects. Their command of the sea has given all marid the ability to cast the hurricane spell, and they also begin the game knowing how to use flails. 

As creatures of water, Marid enjoy a resistance to both fire and water damage, however, they can be easily stricken down by electricity. They can travel over both land and water with ease and are the only race that can breath both water and air.

(14 creation points)