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Hidden deep in the forests of Dominia, a race of intelligent felines has fluorished in total seclusion for centuries. These creatures, who identify themselves simply as "Kirre", resemble none of the known races of Dominia. Their history and origins remain shrouded in mystery and legend. Until now, the known facts were few: They are a race of six-legged felines, roughly 6-8 feet in length, and ranging in colour from white to sable. Long tufted ears, six legs with razor sharp claws and a prehensile tail give them a fearsome appearance. It is reputed that they strike quickly and without mercy.

Over the course of time, the Kirre have become organized into small tribes consisting of a large number of females, and a few males. It is the strongest of these males who typically assumes the leadership role.

Every seven moons the tribal leaders hold a moot in a secret location. Recently, discussions have centered around the "Outsiders" -- other Dominian races which have begun encroaching upon their ancestral hunting grounds. Not wanting to give up what they perceived as an advantage, the Kirre did not make any attempts to persuade these other races that they were anything but bestial in nature. It was under this guise that they had ample opportunity to observe the behaviour of the intruders and formulate a course of action.

At the most recent of these gatherings, it became strikingly clear the Kirre are divided on whether or not they should reveal their true nature. Many believed that they should continue their ruse, and continue to play the part of the beast, if only to safeguard their heritage. Others, despite their leaders wishes (and to the great consternation of all the tribes involved), have already chosen to establish ties with the other Dominian races... And a bold few have even gone so far as to call them "friend".

Although there are many warriours among them, Kirre are also adept in the magical arts. However, Kirre prefer the more subtle forms of magic, and many show a natural aptitude for rune magic. Traditional magic is beyond their ken.

Kirre of all classes prefer using whip-like weapons because of the similarity to their own tails. Kirre strike quickly, and all practice disarming from a young age.