Redemption Mud Wiki
lvl Item Name Area Stats
0 chessboard New Thalos 1d4(2) thwack  
0 hamster wheel Gingerbread House 1d1(1) slice flaming vorpal -25mp 1hit (glow bless)
0 plasma sponge Gingerbread House 1d1(1) suction blunt (glow nodrop noremove)
1 broom New Ofcol 1d4(2) beating  -3dam 3hit (mage)
1 Piece of Earth Mud School 1d1(1) crush poison (nonmetal meltdrop nouncurse)
1 raging storm Mud School 1d1(1) hit shocking (nonmetal meltdrop nouncurse)
1 burning flame Mud School 1d1(1) flame flaming (nonmetal meltdrop nouncurse)
1 water drop Mud School 1d1(1) grep frost (nonmetal meltdrop nouncurse)
1 wrath implement Mud School 1d1(1) grep  (nodrop rotdeath nonmetal meltdrop nouncurse)
1 knuckle sub merc Mud School 1d6(3) knock  2hit (meltdrop)
3 golden pitchfork Utopia 1d5(3) pierce sharp (glow bless mage)
3 golden athame Utopia 1d5(3) pierce flaming (glow bless mage)
3 golden staff Utopia 1d5(3) pierce shocking (glow bless mage)
4 jiakan spear Bluetspur 1d4(2) stab  
5 toy boomerang Gnome Village 1d5(3) pound  
5 staff gnarled Gnome Village 2d2(3) pound  
5 short pencil Ay'Twa 2d2(3) stab blunt no_mutate (nolocate)
5 black bladed sharp katar Terran Mud School 1d5(3) claw sharp (cleric)
7 chair leg club Firetop Mountain 1d6(3) chop  -1hit -1dam (warrior mage)
8 standard chitin shuko Midgaard 1d8(4) sting poison (cleric)
10 piece y-shaped wood frame slingshot Firetop Mountain 2d4(5) crush  -1hit 
10 fish hook Swimming Hole 2d4(5) slice  1dam 1str (magic)
11 stump wood stake Firetop Mountain 2d4(5) cleave  
11 toolbox red Digger's Bane 3d2(4) smash  
12 wooden mallet Firetop Mountain 2d5(6) slash  (warrior)
13 rod of wax Wax Museum 2d6(7) pound flaming 1dam 2hit 
14 daemon claw New Thalos 3d4(7) claw  -2hit (hum)
14 cruel green claws Digger's Bane 2d6(7) claw corrosive 
15 razor edge tanto knife Midgaard 2d7(8) slash vorpal 1dam (glow cleric)
15 rod devil Sewers 2d6(7) pound vampiric 1str 2hit (magic)
15 wolverine claw New Thalos 3d4(7) claw  (hum)
16 staff wooden Holy Grove 4d3(8) pound two-handed (antievil)
17 spiked brass knuckles Mahn-Tor 4d3(8) punch  
19 sting scorpio Galaxy 3d5(9) pierce  3hit 1dam (glow magic antievil)
20 dark oak nunchaku Midgaard 3d6(10) entangle corrosive 1dex -10ac (glow hum magic cleric)
20 Sword of Araknis Araknis 4d4(10) slice  2dam 2hit (glow magic)
20 web shooters Araknis 2d7(8) blast poison 1hit 1dam 
21 small claw golden New Ofcol 4d4(10) claw dragon_slaying 2dam (magic antievil)
21 small silver needle Village Fair 3d5(9) pierce poison 1dam 1hit (hum dark)
22 book heavy The Observatory 2d9(10) smash  1int 2dam 
23 needle Old Dragon Sanctuary 2d10(11) pierce  
23 handcannon cannon hand-cannon Zebes 7d2(10) firing flaming 1dam -10hit (burnproof)
24 vacuum cleaner two-handed Mega City One 2d10(11) suction vampiric (hum)
24 avalanche Elemental Canyon 1d24(12) blast  -1hit 
25 misgiven thought Zoso 4d4(10) thrust sharp 1hit 1dam 
25 blade ethereal Mahn-Tor 5d4(12) slash  1dam 1hit (glow antigood warrior)
25 phantom wakizashi Midgaard 5d4(12) slice unholy 2dam 2hit -30mp (glow magic cleric)
25 straight edged razor Village Fair 4d4(10) slice sharp 1hit (glow hum mage thief cleric)
25 morning glory flower Orinoco 4d5(12) hit  1hit 1dam (glow)
26 lion paw Pyramid 5d4(12) claw  1con 2hit 2dam (magic)
27 silver talon Village Fair 5d4(12) slice sharp -3ac 2hit (glow hum nodrop)
28 large claw golden New Ofcol 3d8(13) claw dragon_slaying 3dam (magic antievil)
28 rod weaponry Mahn-Tor 2d12(13) blast  3dam 3hit (glow magic bless)
29 pile four sticks Zoso 4d6(14) smash  2hit 2dam (glow)
29 great dipper Galaxy 4d6(14) blast  2hit 2dam (glow hum invis magic bless warrior mage)
30 hunting spear The Chaos Rift 6d4(15) thrust  2hit (antigood cleric)
30 manriki gusari weighted chain Midgaard 2d13(14) smash dull 3dam 1str (cleric)
30 spear crystal The Observatory 3d8(13) pierce frost 1str 1dam (glow antievil nonmetal burnproof)
30 fishing pole rod Ruins of Kujou 6d4(15) whip flooding 2wis (nonmetal)
30 gold talon Village Fair 4d6(14) slice sharp 2hit 2dex (glow hum)
30 guitar Monotheya 5d5(15) smash  2dam 2hit 
31 claw red redclaw Sewers 3d9(15) claw  5dam 2ac (magic)
32 spear sacrificial Nova Veesa 4d6(14) pierce vampiric (glow hum bless)
34 large suitcase Stoneridge 5d6(17) smash  
35 mithril spiked chain Midgaard 4d7(16) whip sharp 2hit 1dex (glow cleric)
35 bronze spear The Iliad 4d7(16) pierce dragon_slaying 1dam 2hit (glow magic)
35 pruning shears Divided Souls 3d9(15) stab dragon_slaying 15mp 1hit (mage)
35 flame claws craft 5d5(15) flamingbite poison 2hit 
36 demon teeth Hell 7d4(17) bite  5hit 
36 white fungus Orinoco 4d6(14) pound vampiric dragon_slaying 1dam (glow magic)
36 spadix flower Orinoco 5d6(17) blast  2hit 1dam 
38 blackjack iron Stoneridge 6d5(18) pound  1dam 2hit (magic)
39 huge claw golden New Ofcol 6d5(18) claw dragon_slaying 4dam (magic antievil)
40 ptah golden claw Midgaard 2d18(19) claw shocking no_gate 40mp 3int (glow cleric)
40 spear bone thin Cyric's Realm 4d8(18) hit frost 1hit -2dam (hum evil magic antigood nonmetal)
40 spear of accuracy The Iliad 4d8(18) pierce frost 1dam 2hit (glow magic nodrop bless antievil)
40 spear stick Crown of Command 4d9(20) pierce two-handed 3hit 
40 teeth fury beorn Lair of Jher 5d7(20) bite  2hit 2dam (magic noremove)
42 taco bell wrapper Midgaard 5d8(22) bite flaming (glow hum magic nodrop noremove)
42 song of the angelic choir craft 5d7(20) divinepower flaming 1wis 1dam (glow magic antievil)
43 silver serving tray The Abandoned Chateau 5d6(17) slice sharp 2dam 2hit 
46 bloodstone ninja to Midgaard 5d7(20) slash vorpal soul_drain 20hp 2con 2str (glow hum dark cleric)
46 flaming claw Hell 7d5(21) claw flaming 3dam 1str 
47 ichor dripping mandibles Death Bloom 3d12(19) bite dragon_slaying 1dam (glow dark)
47 assassins fungal stalk craft 15d2(22) pierce two-handed infected no_mutate 15hp 1dex (nolocate burnproof soundproof)
47 dragon curved tooth canine Shandalar Vaults 5d8(22) bite dragon_slaying 2hit (burnproof)
48 teeth The Shandalar Zoo 7d5(21) stab shocking (hum nonmetal burnproof)
48 darksteel ninja to Midgaard 6d6(21) slice vampiric vorpal -25ac (glow hum dark cleric)
48 scythe Crown of Command 4d10(22) hit two-handed shocking 5age 2hit (nonmetal)
49 teeth kezef Cyric's Realm 5d8(22) pierce poison 1dex (hum magic)
49 tonfa stick sticks staves City of Tears 12d3(24) hit dull two-handed (bless)
50 scalpel The Shandalar Zoo 12d3(24) magic  1hit 2dam (hum)
50 snipers yokimbo cloth craft 6d6(21) whip phasing -3wis 4sDam ngt:10hit 6hit (glow dark cleric)
50 bane gods sword Cyric's Realm 4d9(20) hit frost vampiric 2hit (glow hum magic nodrop)
50 sharp teeth lawyer Hell 12d3(24) bite vampiric 1int 1dex (magic)
50 icy manipulator orb craft 6d6(21) magic frost 1wis 1int 50mp 30hp (glow nodrop nolocate)
50 staff arcane might Shandalar Vaults 5d8(22) magic shocking 50mp 1wis (glow hum magic nodrop burnproof)
51 cursed blade necromancer Midgaard 5d9(25) suction vampiric dragon_slaying no_mutate -1mWis -1mInt -250mp -250hp -1mStr -1mCon -1mDex (dark evil magic nodrop noremove nolocate burnproof cleric soundproof)
51 diamond claw metal tiger Bosco's Breach 8d4(20) claw sharp ngt:5atkSpd (bless nolocate)
51 adamantite spiked knuckles asura fist craft 6d6(21) punch intelligent 1str (nolocate)
51 selina might weapon The King's Way 6d7(24) divinepower dragon_slaying 2str 2hit 2dam (glow hum invis nolocate burnproof soundproof)