Redemption Mud Wiki
lvl Item Name Area Stats
0 dagger Midgaard 1d4(2) stab  
0 dagger sub merc Mud School 1d4(2) pierce  1hit (meltdrop)
0 dagger rusty Moria 1d5(3) stab  -1hit 
0 meat cleaver New Thalos 1d4(2) cleave  (antievil antineutral)
1 tiny dagger Shire 1d4(2) pierce  (mage thief soundproof)
1 rusty cleaver Wyvern's Tower 1d4(2) chop  
1 small wooden practice dagger Dominia MUD School 1d4(2) pierce  1hit (meltdrop)
4 dagger newbie The Newbie Zone 1d4(2) stab  1dam (glow magic)
5 dagger silver Dragon Tower 1d6(3) pierce  
5 knife dagger Miden'nir 1d5(3) stab  1hit (magic antievil)
5 sewing shears New Thalos 1d4(2) chop  
5 wicked curved dagger Terran Mud School 1d6(3) pierce poison 
5 black kris poison Terran Mud School 1d5(3) pierce dragon_slaying 1hit (thief)
5 swift dagger Shandalar 1d5(3) pierce  2hit 
6 dagger shiriff Shire 1d6(3) pierce  1dam 1hit 
6 dagger silver Graveyard 1d5(3) pierce  1dam (thief cleric)
6 knife silvery Astral Plane 1d6(3) stab  1dam 1hit 
6 ostrich feather Wax Museum 2d2(3) stab  
6 broken fang Wax Museum 2d3(4) stab  1dex 1hit (bless)
7 dagger light silver Moria 1d7(4) stab  1hit -1ac 
8 meat cleaver New Ofcol 2d3(4) chop  1dam 
8 elven dagger Wyvern's Tower 1d7(4) pierce  2hit (glow magic mage cleric)
8 crab shell crabshell Beach 2d3(4) slice  1hit 1dam (magic)
8 dirk Moria 2d3(4) stab  1hit 1dam (magic thief)
8 long dagger slim Thalos 2d3(4) pierce  1dam 1hit (magic)
9 stiletto Gangland 2d4(5) pierce  2ac 4hit 
9 switchblade knife Gangland 2d4(5) stab  2hit (warrior thief)
9 wixked-looking knife Firetop Mountain 2d3(4) pierce  2dam 
10 dagger silver High Tower 2d5(6) pierce  1hit 1dam 
10 jewelled dagger Sprite Forest 2d4(5) stab  1dam (magic)
11 bottle broken Gangland 2d5(6) slash  -2hit 
11 fountain pen New Thalos 2d4(5) stab  (hum)
12 silver blade chisel Firetop Mountain 2d5(6) pierce  2hit (glow magic)
12 rusted shard Zebes 3d2(4) stab dull no_mutate -1dex (nolocate)
12 dagger shard stone Goblin Stronghold 2d4(5) stab dragon_slaying 2dam -2hit (glow magic)
13 dagger silvery Astral Plane 2d5(6) pierce  1dam 2hit 
13 dirk Smugglers Den 2d3(4) pierce shocking 1hit 
14 standard issue dagger Midgaard 4d3(8) pierce  1dex 1hit (magic)
14 cruel red fangs Digger's Bane 2d5(6) pierce vampiric 
14 Dark Dagger Wax Museum 2d5(6) pierce sharp 2hit (glow dark mage)
15 dagger silvery High Tower 3d4(7) pierce  1hit (magic)
15 obsidian dirk Pyramid 3d4(7) pierce  1hit (magic thief)
15 talon claw Halls of Mercy 4d2(6) stab vampiric 
17 sting Shire 2d7(8) bite  2dex (glow hum antievil soundproof)
17 cleaver High Tower 2d7(8) hit sharp 
18 vibroblade Mega City One 3d5(9) slash  2hit 2dam 1con 1dex (glow hum invis)
19 black widow's sting Araknis 3d5(9) sting  2dam 1str (glow burnproof)
20 chisel runed High Tower 3d6(10) pierce  1dex 2dam (glow magic)
20 knife Mega City One 3d5(9) slice dragon_slaying 1dam 1hit (warrior thief)
20 iron nightmare dagger Ruins of Kujou 3d5(9) stab vampiric no_mutate (dark)
21 shimmering blade Zebes 3d6(10) pierce  1int (glow hum)
22 dagger silver Dragon Tower 3d6(10) pierce  -2sav 
23 sharp scalpel Old Dragon Sanctuary 3d6(10) slash  1sav (glow bless)
24 thin dagger Mega City One 2d10(11) hit poison 
24 adamantite dagger Divided Souls 3d6(10) pierce poison 2hit 1dam (dark)
25 tailor scissors Halls of Mercy 6d3(12) stab  
25 hunting dagger knife Zebes 3d7(12) stab  
25 butterfly knife Village Fair 6d3(12) slice  2dam 2hit (hum dark warrior thief)
27 ivory dagger High Tower 3d8(13) pierce  1hit 2dam (magic bless antievil)
27 adamantite throwing knife blue black Divided Souls 3d7(12) pierce dragon_slaying 1hit (dark)
28 icicle dagger ice Elemental Canyon 4d5(12) pierce frost -1str 2dam (glow)
29 shard black obsidian High Tower 4d6(14) slice  3dam (antigood)
29 dagger fiery Elemental Canyon 5d4(12) pierce flaming 4dam (glow)
29 passion flower Orinoco 4d5(12) slice  5dam (magic nonmetal)
30 knife tooth dragon Dragon Tower 5d5(15) pierce  1dex 2dam 
30 dagger sacrificial spider Drow City 4d6(14) stab  3dam 3hit (magic antigood)
32 ancient dagger Atlantis 4d6(14) slice  
32 manes claws Hell 1d30(15) claw  3dam 
32 blood drenched dagger Divided Souls 4d6(14) pierce sharp 1hit (glow antigood mage)
32 adamantite stiletto Divided Souls 4d6(14) pierce poison 1dam (dark thief)
33 killer switchblade Village Fair 3d10(16) stab  2hit 2dam (dark evil invis antigood)
34 sculptor's chisel Divided Souls 4d6(14) pierce dragon_slaying 1dam 
35 brilliant white dagger crusader cross priestess avalon Mists of Avalon 11d2(16) pierce holy 3hit (bless)
35 black dirk Stoneridge 5d6(17) pierce  1dam (magic)
35 bloody fang vampire Divided Souls 4d7(16) pierce vampiric 1hit 1dam (hum)
35 sliver darkness Divided Souls 4d7(16) pierce  1hit 2dam (dark mage thief)
36 adamantite kris Divided Souls 5d6(17) pierce poison (dark)
37 venomous dagger The Iliad 3d10(16) pierce poison 1dam 1hit (glow magic mage thief cleric)
38 tanto City of Tears 4d8(18) thrust  
39 cheating heart dagger The Iliad 5d6(17) pierce poison 1dam 1hit (glow magic)
40 blackened dagger something The Abandoned Chateau 4d9(20) pierce  
40 rusty broken dagger Sky Fortress 4d9(20) thwack dull (magic noremove)
40 hurricane wyvern fang Dylan's Area 8d3(16) shockingbite flooding 2hit 10mp (glow hum)
40 fragment time dagger knife Plane of Time 4d8(18) slash  3hit 3dam 
41 dagger isis curved slim Kenwood Keep 4d9(20) pierce poison 1hit 1dam 
42 a paring knife The Abandoned Chateau 4d9(20) pierce  2dam -2sav (magic)
42 broken point starfish The Sea of Death 8d4(20) stab poison (thief)
42 fern violin Orinoco 4d7(16) slice sharp soul_drain 3dam 1con (glow)
43 hell hound teeth Hell 8d4(20) bite flaming 2dex 
43 stiletto shadow shadow's edge Divided Souls 5d7(20) pierce dragon_slaying 1hit 1dam (dark warrior thief cleric)
45 ornate sparkling dagger Fires of Dis 4d9(20) stab shocking 2dam 2hit 
45 crimson hilted stiletto Divided Souls 6d5(18) pierce vampiric dragon_slaying 1dam (glow dark)
45 minute hand dagger Plane of Time 6d6(21) stab dragon_slaying 1wis 1con (hum magic)
46 ebony kris High Tower 6d6(21) pierce  2dex 5dam (magic)
46 dagger black crystal Cyric's Realm 5d8(22) blast  10mp 1dex -1str -1spelSav (glow hum evil magic antineutral nonmetal burnproof)
46 bloody black talon Hell 4d10(22) claw vampiric 25mp (evil magic)
46 onyx dagger Stoneridge 6d6(21) pierce  2dam (magic)
48 brain collector sacrificial knife craft 22d1(22) impale vorpal corrosive 6/6lvl45:90%'cryogenesis' no_gate ngt:30hp (glow nolocate burnproof soundproof)
48 fiery stinger fire stirge Shandalar Vaults 6d6(21) sting flaming 3dam (glow rotdeath)
48 curved dagger jher's Lair of Jher 4d9(20) pierce vampiric 2hit -2con 2dam (glow hum magic antigood)
48 dagger ceremonial Nova Veesa 6d6(21) stab flaming frost 5dam (invis magic)
49 jagged tile marble The Abandoned Chateau 4d10(22) stab frost 2dam -2breathSav (glow magic nodrop meltdrop)
49 ice pick Nova Veesa 5d7(20) pierce vorpal 5dam 3sav (nodrop noremove)
49 white claw dagger drakyre Shackled Demon 4d10(22) stab  2dam 2hit (glow)
50 dagger bosco Marsh 7d6(24) stab flaming frost 5dam (invis magic nolocate burnproof soundproof)
50 stilleto pin dagger knife Crown of Command 5d7(20) stab vampiric 1dam 3hit (glow evil)
50 long jagged glass mirror shard Shandalar Vaults 6d6(21) stab sharp no_mutate 3dam 7hit (antigood antievil)
51 oversized adamantite kukri large recurved knife suspicious craft 11d3(22) gutting vorpal two-handed infected 4hit (nolocate burnproof soundproof)
51 quicksilver katar punch dagger eye sting craft 6d6(21) sting intelligent (hum)
51 serrated cold steel blade arktisbrande Shandalar Vaults 5d8(22) freezingbite frost 3dam 3hit (glow hum)
51 nightblade zdreni quest item teldin Shandalar Vaults 5d8(22) pierce sharp 5/5lvl60:100%'mass invis' 2dex 6dam -4sav (glow hum burnproof thief)
51 coral blade named paradox Shandalar 6d6(21) smother flaming phasing 3dam 4hit (glow hum dark evil magic)
52 jewel encrusted dagger The Sea of Death 7d6(24) hit vampiric 3hit (glow hum)