Redemption Mud Wiki
lvl Item Name Area Stats
0 ball light Limbo 999hrs (glow)
0 lantern Shire 200hrs 
0 torch Midgaard 50hrs 
0 lantern Midgaard 250hrs 
0 banner war merc Mud School 200hrs -1ac -1sav (glow magic)
0 lantern Sky Fortress 5hrs 
0 lava lamp Elemental Canyon 1000hrs (glow)
0 oil lamp oillamp New Thalos 100hrs 
0 small torch Digger's Bane 2hrs 
0 lantern Shandalar 250hrs 
0 candlestick Chapel 24hrs 
0 candlestick Graveyard 24hrs 
0 ball quartz Thalos 72hrs (magic)
0 magical blue candle Firetop Mountain 540hrs (glow)
0 branch Haon Dor 25hrs 
0 stick Dwarven Kingdom 50hrs 
0 stick small light Sewers 120hrs 
0 candle New Thalos 50hrs 
0 redemption anniversary candle eighth Village Fair 999hrs 1dam 1hit (nolocate soundproof)
1 blinking bouquet Zebes 999hrs (glow burnproof soundproof)
1 sturdy lantern Terran Mud School 100hrs (glow)
1 lantern Dominia MUD School 300hrs 
1 lantern Istanbul 999hrs (glow hum)
1 torch Shandalar 24hrs 
1 lantern Shandalar 100hrs 
1 glinting nothing Halls of Mercy 999hrs (glow)
2 light jar The Newbie Zone 999hrs -1spelSav (glow magic mage cleric)
2 lantern The Walls of Shadalar 200hrs (hum)
3 Happy Christmas Elf Elisa christmas item The Abyssal Seam 999hrs 1/1lvl40:80%'animal growth' 1hit (glow nolocate burnproof soundproof)
5 rainbow staff Shire 999hrs 1wis (magic warrior mage thief)
5 glowing conch shell Terran Mud School 999hrs 10mp (mage)
5 sparkling genius The Lost Mine 5hrs 1int (glow hum magic)
5 glowing fang Terran Mud School 999hrs 1dex (glow nonmetal thief)
5 scepter power Bluetspur 999hrs 1con (bless)
6 wall beacon The Walls of Shadalar 999hrs 1wis (magic)
8 banner war merc Midgaard 500hrs -1sav -2ac (glow magic)
9 Glowing Skull Wax Museum 999hrs 1str (glow hum noremove nolocate)
10 lantern light Zebes 999hrs 
10 strivia burning rage light Terran Mud School 999hrs 1dam (glow hum noremove warrior)
10 Florescent Moss Hidden Oasis 999hrs 1int 
11 a town watchguard lantern Stoneridge 999hrs 1dam (magic)
11 light stick burning Shackled Demon 300hrs 1con 1wis (nolocate)
15 flambeau bosco temple Midgaard 999hrs 1wis 35mp (bless nolocate burnproof)
15 silver strand Astral Plane 999hrs 1hit 1int 
17 Flaming Palm Brand Hidden Oasis 999hrs (glow)
20 scorched lantern Zoso 500hrs -2hit -2dam -2str (noremove)
20 imperial banner Old Thalos 999hrs -2sav -2ac (glow magic)
20 rod light Valley of the Elves 999hrs 2dam (magic antigood antievil)
20 stone flame Astral Plane 999hrs -2sav -2ac 
20 ball fire Pyramid 999hrs 10hp 20mv (glow magic)
22 sceptre might Galaxy 999hrs 2hit 2dam (glow hum invis magic antievil)
24 Lightning Bug Juice Hidden Oasis 100hrs (glow hum)
25 Avacar's Moonbeam Catcher Elisa unique item The Abyssal Seam 999hrs -6sav 5dam 3hit (glow nolocate burnproof soundproof)
25 silent flame dark Divided Souls 999hrs 1dex 15hp (glow dark invis)
25 stick incense Village Fair 999hrs 20mp 1wis 1int (glow nonmetal)
25 blue canary Monotheya 999hrs -2sav 2hit (glow)
25 angel angels angel's wing wings Orinoco 999hrs 1wis 2int (glow magic)
25 spark sizzling The Observatory 24hrs -3spelSav 1hit (glow hum burnproof)
25 dragon scepter light Ruins of Kujou 999hrs 2dam 2hit (glow hum magic)
25 fire blossoms City of Tears 200hrs -2int (burnproof)
27 flame darkness Divided Souls 999hrs 20mp 15hp (glow dark antigood)
30 glowing ball Zebes 999hrs 1hit (glow)
30 shard light Zebes 999hrs -3ac (glow nolocate)
30 globe radiating Nova Veesa 999hrs 10mp 10hp 3hit (glow hum meltdrop)
30 flint rock City of Tears 400hrs 
31 Brightly Burning Pitch Hidden Oasis 999hrs 20hp (glow)
33 dark eye nightmare Divided Souls 999hrs 1hit 2dam (glow evil)
35 orb light energy Ay'Twa 999hrs 1str 2hit 
35 lantern Sherwood Forest 999hrs 25hp 
35 pagoda lantern City of Tears 400hrs (glow)
37 ice candle Divided Souls 999hrs 2hit 3dam (glow invis)
37 glow rock City of Tears 300hrs (glow)
43 idea Divided Souls 999hrs 1int 30mp 1hit (glow hum)
45 a Djini's lamp The Chaotic Chessboard 150hrs 2dam 3hit (hum)
48 ball life energy faranath Shackled Demon 999hrs 3hit 2dam (glow)
49 black handled shaman staff Shandalar Vaults 999hrs 1wis 30mp 2int (evil magic antigood)
50 odin gleaming eye Olympus 999hrs 2int 2wis -2sav -2con 2sDam (glow burnproof mage)
50 soul sphere Fires of Dis 999hrs 2hit 2dam 30mp (glow hum mage cleric)
50 ring of adamantite spikes craft 999hrs -1sav 1damRed 3dam 3hit (glow hum nolocate burnproof warrior soundproof)
50 ball white light Shandalar Vaults 999hrs -15ac 35mp (glow)
50 golden firefly lantern Shandalar 999hrs 2/2lvl60:100%'colour spray' 2wis 3int 30mp (glow hum antineutral nolocate burnproof mage cleric)
51 heart of grd nox craft 999hrs 1/1lvl51:100%'lesser revitalize' 30mp 30hp (nolocate burnproof soundproof)
51 selina fire The King's Way 999hrs 3dam 3hit -3sav (glow magic nolocate burnproof soundproof)
51 selina fire Shandalar 999hrs 3dam 3hit -4sav (glow magic rotdeath nolocate burnproof soundproof)
51 dark shimmering orb craft 999hrs 2wis 2int 1mWis 1wis 25mp (glow hum nodrop bless nolocate burnproof nouncurse mage soundproof)
51 tribal tattoo eagle craft 999hrs 5hit 1mDex 1dex -5sav 3dam (glow hum nodrop bless nolocate burnproof nouncurse thief soundproof)
51 star crystal craft 999hrs 25mp 2int 2wis 1mWis 1wis (glow hum nodrop bless nolocate burnproof nouncurse mage soundproof)
51 unholy light abyss craft 999hrs 5hit 3dam -5sav 1dex 1mDex (glow hum nodrop bless nolocate burnproof nouncurse cleric soundproof)