Redemption Mud Wiki
lvl Item Name Location Stats
0 sleeves New Ofcol AC:1/2/2/0
0 sleeves leather Midgaard AC:1/2/2/0
0 sleeves hard leather Midgaard AC:1/3/3/0
0 sleeves sub merc Mud School AC:1/1/1/0 (meltdrop)
0 sleeves leather New Thalos AC:1/1/1/0
0 studded leather sleeves New Thalos AC:2/2/2/0
0 sleeves sub merc Shandalar AC:1/1/1/0 (meltdrop)
3 sleeves newbie The Newbie Zone AC:4/4/3/1 1dex (magic)
5 black armband gold circle insignia Midgaard -1str 1dex 1int
5 green armband gold shield sword standard issue Midgaard -1con 1str 1int
5 blue armband gold ship Midgaard -1str 1dex 1wis
5 red armband gold flaming horse Midgaard -1int 1con 1dex
5 white armband gold dragon Midgaard -1con 1int 1dex
5 grey armband gold ram Midgaard -1dex 1con 1str
5 sleeves scale mail Midgaard AC:3/4/4/0
5 purple armband gold flame Midgaard 1int 1wis -1str
5 standard militia sleeves. Midgaard AC:4/4/3/1
5 blackclaw armband Terran Mud School 1dex (thief)
5 coral plates Terran Mud School AC:3/3/3/3 1int (mage)
8 sleeves goblin scale mail Goblin Stronghold AC:5/4/4/0
10 sleeves chain mail Midgaard AC:5/4/5/0
10 plate sleeves Old Thalos AC:5/5/5/0
10 sleeves goblin chain mail Goblin Stronghold AC:5/4/5/0 (mage cleric)
11 Woven Grass Arm Bracers Hidden Oasis AC:4/4/4/0 1hit
13 platemail mail armguards Zebes AC:4/6/6/0
15 vambraces steel Mahn-Tor AC:6/6/6/0
15 reflection plates Halls of Mercy AC:3/4/2/6 2int (glow evil warrior thief)
15 arm guards granite Goblin Stronghold AC:6/6/9/2 1con (magic)
16 sleeves brass New Ofcol AC:6/5/6/1 5hp -1sav (magic)
18 webbed sleeves Araknis AC:7/6/6/1 1dex (invis)
20 sleeves dragon scale Dragon Tower AC:7/7/7/3
20 sleeves black leather Mahn-Tor AC:7/7/7/0
20 vambraces red steel Mahn-Tor AC:7/7/7/0
20 sleeves splint Astral Plane AC:7/7/7/0 (warrior cleric)
21 sleeves golden New Ofcol AC:7/7/7/3 1hit -3ac (magic antievil)
22 arm hercules Galaxy AC:6/6/6/0 1str 2dam (glow magic antievil warrior)
22 musical bracers black feather Divided Souls AC:7/7/7/3 2dex (glow hum)
22 green chainmail sleeves Village Fair AC:8/8/8/3 (dark)
24 heroic arm guards Baskerville AC:7/7/6/1 10hp 1str (glow bless antievil antineutral)
24 Bamboo Arm Guards Hidden Oasis AC:7/8/7/1 2sav
25 sleeves silver New Ofcol AC:8/8/8/2 1hit 5mp (magic antievil)
25 vambraces blue steel Mahn-Tor AC:8/8/8/0
25 vambraces crimson steel Mahn-Tor AC:8/8/8/0
25 sleeves mithril Thalos AC:8/8/8/2 1dam 1hit (magic antievil)
25 monsteras pair Orinoco AC:5/6/5/1 5age (magic antigood antievil)
27 pair broomsticks sticks Monotheya AC:5/3/4/1 -2dex 2hit -1str 1dam
28 Golden Arm Seven Wands AC:8/8/8/4 (glow hum dark magic bless)
29 arm guards red Sewers AC:9/9/9/4 -1dex 2dam (magic antigood)
29 war sleeves The Iliad AC:8/8/8/1 (magic)
29 bluish wings Divided Souls AC:8/8/8/3 2dex 1hit (hum)
30 sleeves platinum New Ofcol AC:9/9/9/3 2str 10hp (magic antievil)
30 vambraces black Mahn-Tor AC:9/9/9/0 (mage thief)
30 town watchguard armbands Stoneridge AC:7/7/7/2
31 Bronze Emblazoned Armlets Hidden Oasis AC:9/9/9/0 -1int 20hp -20mp
32 plates arm silvery Sewers AC:8/8/8/2 3con (magic bless antievil antineutral)
34 crimson sleeves Stoneridge AC:9/9/9/2 (magic antigood)
35 burning flesh Hell AC:10/10/10/0
35 tarnished sleeves Stoneridge AC:9/9/9/3
35 Crushed Shell Ay'Twa AC:6/6/6/5 1wis -5dex 2con 2int (nolocate)
35 selina blessing mark Kenwood Keep AC:0/0/0/0 2wis 2str 2sav (nolocate)
37 electrum sleeves Stoneridge AC:10/10/10/2
37 circlets wonder arm bands Divided Souls AC:9/9/9/1 1dam 1dex (glow invis magic)
38 bracers energy Divided Souls AC:4/4/4/4 1dex 25mp (glow hum)
39 Ilian sleeves The Iliad AC:9/9/9/3 1hit 10hp (magic)
40 silver bracers Fires of Dis 2int 15mp
40 centurion armbands bands Plane of Time AC:10/10/10/2 1hit 10mp
43 living arm plates The Chaos Rift AC:10/10/10/7 (hum antigood antineutral burnproof)
44 peasant sleeves The Abandoned Chateau AC:9/9/9/4
45 sky fortress arm bands Sky Fortress AC:10/10/10/2 1dam -2breathSav
45 dark crimson armbands arm bands pair Divided Souls AC:10/10/10/8 1hit -2sav 1dam 1con (glow bless)
45 silk sleeves City of Tears AC:10/10/10/3 -3sav
45 pair sleeves arms Istanbul AC:8/8/8/8 2dam (hum bless antievil nolocate burnproof)
51 armbands wind silver Shandalar Vaults AC:8/8/8/3 -2str 5mp 2wis 2int (glow hum antigood antineutral)
51 armbands superior strength bands craft AC:13/13/13/13 1str 1mStr -1sav 2hit 2dam (glow hum nodrop bless nolocate burnproof nouncurse warrior soundproof)
51 shadow greaves craft AC:15/15/15/15 2hit 2dam -1sav 1mStr 1str (glow hum nodrop bless nolocate burnproof nouncurse thief soundproof)
51 daikybo armguards craft 700lbs/50X75% close 1dex 1mDex 2dam 2hit -4int -4wis -4con (glow hum nodrop bless nolocate burnproof nouncurse soundproof)
51 warden camo sleeves craft AC:15/15/15/15 1dex 1mDex -1sav 2hit 2dam (glow hum nodrop bless nolocate burnproof nouncurse warrior soundproof)
51 mark kukymon tatoo Gingerbread House AC:13/13/13/13 2dam 2hit -1sav (glow bless burnproof soundproof)
51 pair carapace arm-bands bands Shandalar AC:12/12/12/12 5/5lvl60:100%'shield' -12ac 3hit 2dam (glow hum noremove nolocate)
51 selina feathered vambraces craft AC:12/12/12/4 3atkSpd -1str 2dam 2dex (glow hum nolocate burnproof soundproof)