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Winterwolf7 Winterwolf7 21 January 2015

Dragons, dragons and dragons of Redemption

Redemption has pretty consistently revolved around dragons.

If you look back at the very early history of the game, it was true even then. Our MUD came from those who loved Moosehead SLED. On Moosehead dragons also existed. However most of the time I played there they were seen as weak. On MHS, dragons were all resistant to blunt and vulnerable to piercing. Any piercing weapons and especially thieves utterly destroyed them. Still, I played as Morrigan the dragon cleric in those days. There were no dragon colors, and breath weapons were a spell that cost several hundred mana and rarely used.

The immortals who left MHS and founded Redemption really liked dragons and made them an integral part of the game from the start. They were still pretty …

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Winterwolf7 Winterwolf7 7 January 2015

Upcoming Feature: Multiple Classes

I am interested in looking at ways to streamline some of the Redemption MUD experience. One of the things that I always both loved and hated was need to keep levelling up different characters so I could try different races/classes.

It was very time consuming and not ultimately very fun needing to always skill up the same skills over and over. How many times should I really need to level shield block to 100%? Another problem area was often the need for hours in order to get good experience points. This was always tedious for people, leading to the invention of hours equipment, additional ways to get exp, and eventually we even stopped resetting hours when you remorted or reclassed.

Some classes are super good at getting around, helping others…

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Winterwolf7 Winterwolf7 24 December 2014

Why I Restarted Redemption in December 2014 (Part 2)

If you read my previous blog entry, you`ll understand how I came to be the owner and implementor of Redemption MUD and how I came to the eventual decision to close down.

So why did I decide to reverse my decision and come back? I'm still asking myself that question and putting the pieces together, some of which I'll try and express here on the blog.

What's changed?

My job is still roughly the same. I would say I have achieved nearly my ideal career goal in the last ten years. I knew from a young age that I wanted to design games. Now I work as a Systems Analyst and I design software for the Canadian Forces... which is as close to a game as you can get, perhaps even better.

My personal life is stable again. Four years after the end of my marria…

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Winterwolf7 Winterwolf7 23 December 2014

Why I Restarted Redemption in December 2014

I supposed before I can answer that question, I should try and answer why I agreed to shut it down in the first place.

Freenet and MHS

I have been playing or an immortal on MUDs since I was 16 years old. The person who first introduced me to them was my friend Liz, who you may know as Litazia. At that time the Internet for most purposes did not even exist yet... it was around 1994.

There was a free community service called the Ottawa Capital Freenet that you could dial into, run at Carleton University. It had about 30 phone connections and you could connect for a fixed amount of minutes per day, leave messages for other users, participate in discussion groups and there was access to both Gopher and a very primitive text-only version of the wo…

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